About CTKD

Master Yong Jun LeeMaster Yong Jun Lee first opened his school in the Eagle Park Shopping Center on September 16, 1993. On February 1, 1994 he moved to the 7570 Starkey Road location —the shopping center we are in now. Master Lee did most of the teaching for several years until some of his students developed into higher belts and could assist him. This also helped the assistants progress to Black Belts since Master Lee believes that Black Belts must be able to teach and instruct.

From January of 1998 to December of 2000 Master Lee was assisted by Master Pan Jong Lee. Since, he has used his own Black Belts as assistants and instructors. Master Lee is a 8th Dan Black Belt. This made him a Grandmaster, a great honor for him and his school. On January 4, 2003 he moved the school to its current location because the growing school needed more room.

Master Lee has done many things to promote Tae Kwon Do and his school over the years. For seven years he hosted a large annual tournament in which several Tae Kwon Do schools in the area participated. He had almost 300 students participate for several of the years. Four times he has brought the Korean National Demonstration Team (called the ‘Little Dragons’) to Pinellas County. They demonstrated Korean Martial arts as well as Korean music and dance on TV and at several schools in the area as well as at Champion Tae Kwon Do. They also demonstrated and assisted at several of our tournaments.

Master Lee does demonstrations every year at SPIFFs (the St. Petersburg International Folk Festival). Master Lee and his students have also performed for the Jack Harris Show, Pinellas County Asian Festival, the Bayfront Center, and the USF Asian Festival. He has sponsored classes at several local schools. He makes donations to the classes and has held demonstrations. The schools he has worked with include Starkey Elementary, Seminole Elementary, Northside Christian School, Bardmoor Elementary and Walshingham Elementary.

Master Lee and his instructors have also taught Tae Kwon Do at other places. Master Louis Wallen and (soon-to-be-master) Logan Neville taught classes and summer camps for several years at Seminole Recreation. Master Lee and his instructors have also taught at the Asian Center in St. Petersburg, Northside Christian Schools, and at the Wellington Schools.

demo-folk-festMaster Lee has many good instructors and assistant instructors. Those with the blue uniforms are assistant instructor with the newest additions being Assistant Instructors Johnny Tran, David Borozan and Nick Hensley. A few of our students consistently volunteer to help other students improve and learn leadership techniques at our Saturday Instructor class. Derek and Matthew Gunther and Louis Wallen have achieved their 4th Dan black belts and are now Tae Kwon Do Masters. They are the first group of Masters, Grandmaster Lee has developed. This is a great achievement. Instructor Johnny Tran currently helps with classes and is continuing to expand his knowledge and the art of teaching Tae Kwon Do.

Master Lee has held Spring and Summer Camps for many years at the school. He also has an after-school program that picks up students at several of the local schools. He is continually looking for ways to help his students and the school grow. In the past seventeen years, Master Lee has developed well over two hundred Black belts here at Champion Tae Kwon Do Academy.

Master Lee is very grateful for all the parents and students who have made his school such a success over the last seventeen years.