Adult and Teen Classes

Be confident, control weight, enhance endurance, strength and overall fitness while developing life-saving self-defense skills.

Our adult classes are structured to be fun while encouraging you to reach your personal goals. Adult’s classes are led by our top-notch team of instructors. They’ll work directly with you to ensure that you get the most out of your training experience at Champion Tae Kwon Do.

Complete Physical Fitness

Tae Kwon Do is a complete workout, involving every aspect of athleticism: balance, coordination, strength, endurance, and flexibility. Training is both aerobic and anaerobic.  As the students gradually progress in rank, the exercises become more strenuous and complex. The one thing that Tae Kwon Do never is… is boring!

Training in tae kwon do strengthens all your muscles from top to toe. Strong muscles help to support your body. They help to hold your body upright keeping your spine in the right position.

Increase Self-Confidence

As students achieve higher rank they feel a great sense of accomplishment, Tae Kwon Do instills confidence because there’s really no way to fail.  Looking good, feeling good and gaining mental strength help you to think good things about yourself.

Promote Mental Awareness

An essential part of self-defense is recognizing a bad situation for what it is. Our students learn how to recognize an unsafe situation, and what to do about it. They also develop a personal style of self-defense rooted within their own belief systems.

Develop Self-Discipline

Self-discipline isn’t just for kids. Our belt ranking system allows adults and teens to set short-term goals and then strive to meet those goals.

Weight Control

Weekly exercise has been proven to help reduce obesity in both adults and teens, regular exercise also helps our bodies fight against the onset of diabetes, heart disease, liver disease to name a few.

Reduce Stress

Kicking a target or punching a bag is amazingly good for letting stress and tension out of your body.  There’s nothing like pounding on a bag and yelling really loud at the end of a long day at work, sure it is hard work and you will be exhausted afterwards but you will also feel both relaxed and calm.  Added to that the combination of physical tiredness and mental relaxation means a good nights sleep!

Tae Kwon Do Community

One of the greatest differences between going to the gym and going to our Tae Kwon Do classes is the fact that there is moral support, people helping you, guiding you and supporting you.  Your fellow class mates become your personal cheerleaders if you will, witnessing your accomplishments as you gain higher belt status right from breaking your first board or finally accomplishing the kick you have battling with for weeks.

  • Learn practical self-defense
  • Lose weight and get in shape
  • Gain greater coordination and flexibility
  • Release tension, anxiety, and maintain a fresh mind
  • Learn inner peace and balance in daily life
  • Build strong mental and physical self-confidence
  • Gain self-discipline and self-control
  • Experience new energy for greater success
  • Learn how to make things happen in your life

Find Out More

Our mission at Champion Tae Kwon Do is building strong minds and bodies. Should you be interested in enrolling in one of our programs please give us a call or